Not Your Average Diving

You may or may not already have a clue of what these are. These are the different diving(s) there are in the world. There are many but I will be listing the five that I want to try. These will definitely give you an adrenaline rush, making you feel remarkably good.

Bucket List #20 – Cliff Diving

I really want to try cliff diving. I want to feel the air against my skin as I stand on the cliff, getting ready to leap off. I want to run towards the tip of the cliff, push my feat off of the ground and jump off. I’ll feel my heart leap as I leap. My body will hit the cool water as I sink down. Swimming to the surface, I’ll push back my hair back and open my eyes while the sun warms my face. Swimming on my back, I’ll close my eyes as I recall what I have just accomplished.

Cliff diving is not expensive because you don’t need equipment or anyone to show you what to do. Grab your friends and find a cliff with deep enough water underneath to jump off of. Make sure there aren’t huge rocks in the water underneath, as you still need to be safe. This is tremendously enjoyable if you like leaping off of heights.

Credit: Tumblr

Bucket List #21 – Sky Diving

I want to jump out of a plane with the safety of a parachute. After watching many YouTube and Instagram videos of sky diving, I can’t wait to try it. I’ll be in a helicopter, wearing my parachute, getting ready for the ultimate life experience. As I lower myself out and hold onto the rail of the helicopter, my heart will be pounding super fast. My hands may start sweating from the thought of what I’m about to do but I’ll be too excited to back out. Taking a deep breath, I’ll let go of the rail and drop down, falling at around 170 feet per second, 120 miles per hour. When I feel that I’m getting close to the ground, I’ll open my parachute so I land safely on two feet.

Sky diving is more expensive than cliff diving because you need a parachute and a service that provides an aircraft offering sky diving. The aircraft goes really high in the air and you get to jump out of it, plummeting down until you open your parachute and land safely. If this doesn’t already sound incredible to you, here’s a video link of Instagram-famous Jay Alvarrez, skydiving out of a hot air balloon.

Credit: Static

Bucket List #22 – Cage Diving

This is the first type of diving I want to try. This is underwater with scuba gear on. You get to dive with sharks. If you don’t know how to dive, you can still do this. Before you freak out, let me inform you that you are put in a cage so the sharks cannot harm you and you cannot harm them. I am so excited to go cage diving. I want to put on my scuba gear and get into the cage. I want to see the Great White sharks so close to me and watch them swim around. I’m really fascinated by sharks, especially Great Whites (one of the top three sharks that are the most dangerous to humans). When you go cage diving, you usually get to dive with Great Whites, which I am so excited to do one day. Since I live in Canada, I have to travel to a different country to cage dive. After researching all over the internet, I found a website that includes four cage diving locations, including, San Francisco, Mexico, Bahamas, and South Africa. There are many other locations, but since I mostly want to see Great Whites, Cape Town (South Africa) is the best place for me to go.

Credit: Shutterstock

Bucket List #23 – Scuba Diving

I’m going to get my scuba gear ready. Just kidding, I don’t own scuba gear but I will someday when I’m ready to try this. I’ll find a service that offers scuba diving and I’ll put the scuba gear on and dive into the water. Swimming deep down, breathing through my scuba, I’ll get to swim with fish and other sea creatures. I want to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef as it is known to be the best place to dive. I’ll get to see reef sites and corals.

When I have earned enough money to travel to Australia, I’ll get to cross off travelling to Australia and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef altogether.

Credit: LoveThisGif

 Bucket List #24 – Free Diving

You’ve probably guessed what this is by the name. Free diving is diving without scuba gear on. I want to just dive in water and hold my breath until I can’t hold it anymore, then just swim back up to the surface. Considering that I can’t hold my breath for too long, this will probably be the last thing I do before the other diving(s) I’ve included on here. If you are someone who can hold their breath for a long time, then you should definitely try this.

Credit: Rhaein

Out of the five I’ve listed here, which diving do you want to do? Let me know below!







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