Experiencing Small Things In A Bigger Perspective

Bucket lists do not always have to include fancy expensive desires. You heard me. Grab that old, stained journal you shoved in a box somewhere in your room and get ready to add a few more interesting things to your bucket list.

Never take things for granted. Always appreciate the little, simple things life gives you. I mean it. I’m going to tell you about five simple things I added to my bucket list (which I wrote with my best friend on the back of a ratty old Michaels receipt in the tenth grade) after I finally started to value the little things in life. By the way, you do not have to keep remaking bucket lists as you grow older – just keep making the list longer.

Bucket List #1 – Get Your Hair Stroked By Someone You Love

I had this down on my bucket list just because I saw it on Tumblr. I know – so hipster right? But one day my friend forced me to watch The Notebook with her. We were laying down with my head in her lap, and she absent-mindedly started stroking my hair. AND IT FELT AMAZING. I am not over-exaggerating one bit. It felt heavenly. There is nothing more calming than having someone run their fingers through your hair. You’re actually supposed to massage your scalp everyday to get the blood flowing to your head, causing your hair to grow longer. Having someone you love stroke your hair will benefit your health, mood and hair growth.


Bucket List #2 – Go On A Late Night Drive

You may or may not have already done this. If you have – good job. If you haven’t or you’re thinking I’m crazy for telling you to put this down in your bucket list – then you probably have no idea what I mean by late night driving. I don’t mean the night driving where you’re rushing to Walmart before it closes because you realized you ran out of milk and you already poured cereal in the bowl. I’m talking about the nights when you roll down the windows, turn on the radio, and just drive around with no destination. This is so relaxing. If you’re ever anxious, worried or even if you’re happy, going on a late night drive puts you in such a good mood. I always feel at peace when I drive at night, when there are hardly any cars out and everything is dark and serene. You don’t even have to be the one driving, you can be riding shotgun or sitting at the back (I’d suggest shotgun though), you’ll still feel at peace. Stick your head out the window and feel the wind blowing through your hair – it feels so relaxing. Just don’t do this with cops or cars around.



Bucket List #3 – Adopting An Animal

This is something you have to do (if you’re not allergic). You need it. You cannot live without it. Even if you’re not ready to adopt an animal anytime soon – just add it. You will want to do this eventually before you die. Whether it’s a kitten or a dog or whatever you like – before going to buy a pet, check to see adoption centres. There are so many animals that need homes that are not being treated well or cared for. Adopting will make a huge difference to a cute little life. Growing up, I have always wanted a kitten. I had friends and relatives who all had kittens so I would take every chance to go to their house just to be near their pets (don’t yell at me if you read this Yassmeen – I came to your house for you too, not just for Ginger). One day I went to PetSmart to help my brother buy a heater for his fish tank and well, I ended up falling in love with a kitten named Kiwi. PetSmart hosts charities and their main one, Paws & Tails (a non-profit rescue charity) is the one I adopted Kiwi from. I’ve had Kiwi for one month now and it has been the best month of my life. I never realized how much I NEEDED a kitten in my life until she came along. So whether you’re looking to buy an animal or you just want a pet (and best friend) in your life – you should look at adopting.

Bucket List #4 – Making Someone Smile

This. Is. Amazing. The feeling you get when someone smiles because of you. IT FEELS SO GOOD. You may not think twice about it, but it is so important. DO NOT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED. Making someone smile leaves you feeling wonderful because even if you’re not trying and you say something funny or do a kind act, you could make someone’s day without even knowing it. Think about it from the other person’s view as well – they may be having the shittiest day ever and if you go out of your way to make them smile, you’re a really good person. THIS IS A LITTLE THING IN THIS BIG WORLD THAT YOU NEED.


Credit: Tumblr


Bucket List #5 – Watching The Sunset 

Peace. Calm. Bliss. Watching the sunset puts you in such a stress-free mood. You’ll never want to leave. But just give yourself 20 minutes. 20 minutes in your day to just sit and watch the sun setting. Red. Orange. Yellow. Pink. Blue. A breathtaking array of colors forming into one feeling: Serenity. Every time I watch the sunset, it makes me think about life and how we always take things for granted when we should just be appreciating everything we have, whether small or big.


There are a lot of things to be thankful for, whether they are big or small. There are so many experiences that may cross your mind and you disregard because you do not think they are special enough to put on a bucket list. But, the smaller experiences are sometimes worth the most. What experiences do you want to add to your bucket list? Have you completed these simple involvements that I have mentioned?  Let me know in the comments below!





2 thoughts on “Experiencing Small Things In A Bigger Perspective

  1. Hey!

    This post is really interesting. I never thought that simple activities such as stroking someone’s hair would be so beneficial for the mind. I always thought bucket list desires had to be grand because those desires had to be completed our lives end. Your blog allowed me to look at bucket list desires in a different light and that I don’t have to travel far to be satisfied.

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